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Why The Wedding Bowl? that's easy, it's the most beautiful and highly sought after Wedding Ceremony location in San Diego. La Jolla translated means "The Jewel" and The Wedding Bowl at Cuvier Park is one of La Jolla's perfect Gems.

The Pros:

  • Beautiful location for a medium size wedding (10 to 40 guests)

  • View from Cuvier park looks over 3 different terrains of the coastline; Beach, cliffs and rocks.

  • Bride and Bridal party can enter by ramp or stairs.

  • Close to hotels and restaurants.

  • Park sits below street level helping to reduce street noise (just a little).

  • Cost for a 4 hour reservation is only $250 for San Diego county residents and $500 for non.

  • Perfect location anytime of the day but, most beautiful for late afternoon and early evening ceremonies.

  • Awesome for sunset photos following ceremony.

The Cons:

  • It's a Ceremony location only! No Receptions!

  • Finding an availability (Some dates book a year in advance and some by lottery!)

  • No restroom facilities.

  • No electrical services.

  • Traffic and parking issues.

  • No alcohol, smoking or food permitted (reception items)

  • A public park means; some foot traffic (Keep in mind that even with a permit, you are not allowed to ask anyone to leave public land)

The park is:

South of the Children's wadding pool.

Behind the La Jolla museum of Contemporary Art.

Closest street address is 555 Coast Blvd.

1 block west of the La Jolla Recreation Center and La Jolla Woman's Club.

Elope to San Diego, Elope to La Jolla, Elope to Del Mar, Elope to Coronado, Elope to Sunset Cliffs



Contact the San Diego Parks Department and check their online calendar to see if your date is available. Be open to weeknight wedding dates as they are more available!
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Your ceremony....The reason everyone is coming!!! Rev. Christopher is not only one of San Diego's best (voted by couples in the Peoples Choice Awards); he provides the little extras you need!! Plus, he's the one that put this site together to help you!
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There are a few local hotels that cater to honeymoon couples that make it very easy for preparing for the big moment. There are others that can also handle your reception.


If you're having your reception at another location in San Diego, consider providing transportation for your guests. Many local companies are very familiar with getting in and out of this location quick and easy. Traffic and parking in this part of town is nothing less than crazy, especially during the summer months.

There are many ways you can make it all happen without the costs of coordinators or event planners. Save that for your reception! Many local rental companies can be in, set up and out long before the moment happens and return later to have it all taken away without you having to worry.


As there are no electrical services at the park, A DJ hauling equipment here and renting a generator would just cost too much. Use musicians that provide their own sound...saving you even more money! Learn More


Do it yourself and hire one of the many professionals that can transform this small park into a ceremony location you'll never forget.

Find those that are familiar with this location as they will know where all the little hidden gems are for your formals. It's no secret to most, this area is used for most engagement photos in San Diego.

One of the most beautiful ways of showing unity at a beach location is by including the Sand Ceremony. A custom that has been around for hundreds of years. [Despite claims by some that they "Invented it" just recently] It can be the two of you, a Christian ceremony that includes your faith and/or including children!


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