Booking The Park

Permit, Permit, Permit…

The Wedding Bowl at Cuvier Park is one of the most highly sought after San Diego Coastline Wedding venues. So much so, the City permit department is known to hold a lottery if more people apply for the same date.

NOTE: A permit is needed for ANY event at the park including elopements with no guests, chairs, altar, etc.

Once you have the date secured for your ceremony then you can get busy finding all the vendors to make it all come together. For more information, visit their Website or call the Shoreline Park Permit Center at 619-235-1169

  • Site is permitted for weddings but not for receptions.
  • Only one permit per day is issued for this site.
  • Permits issued for wedding ceremonies are allotted up to four hours, including the set up and breakdown.
Maximum Capacity 40
Available Hours 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Food/Beverages Receptions are not permitted at this site. No glass containers..
Restrooms There are no restrooms at this site.
Music No “amplified” music is permitted.


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